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Selection process

We understand the selection procedure as selection by both sides – we want to be the ones you choose!

We try to reduce the selection procedure to two rounds – the first round is with the Sii recruiter, where you will find out more about us, the given project and the overall functioning of Sii. Time will certainly also be devoted to you – what you want to spend time on in the future, what you enjoy and also what you really don’t want to do. We will discuss with you various technologies that you should come into contact with and we will tell each other about our preferences. If we reach an agreement, we proceed to the next round.

In the more technical second round, we familiarise you directly with the manager or team on the client’s side who will be your everyday co-workers on the project. We want you to know what and who awaits you on the project. During this conversation, you will find out more about the course of the project and its organisation and technical specifications. The aim is to understand the expectations of both sides and to find out whether they match.

After this discussion, we will contact you for feedback, and within a few days we will conclude the selection procedure – we hope that it will be successful!

Our recruitment process usually takes two weeks. Of course, sometimes the entire process happens more quickly (our record is three days), sometimes more slowly, if, for example, a project undergoes approval abroad and so on. Nevertheless, throughout the entire period you receive information from us on what stage the project is at and how you stand so that we remove any uncertainty.

Who will you meet?

Veronika Zajacová
Recruitment Specialist/Engineering

Pavel Branda
Recruitment Specialist/ IT

Matěj Boháč
HR Specialist

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