Why work at Sii?

Interesting and often exclusive projects

  • Work at Sii is project-oriented on long-term and short-term projects, depending on the preference of our consultants. Many of our projects are exclusive and we are the first ones (or only ones) who know about the given project and can therefore get involved in it.

Long-term collaboration

  • Although we are project-oriented, this doesn’t mean that we want our relationship with you to end when a project ends. Our aim is to build long-term collaboration and to provide you with an opportunity to take part in more projects and thus expand your knowledge and experience. For that reason most of our employees have contracts of an indefinite length.

Company culture

  • Although on a global scale we are a corporation, at the local level we maintain a friendly atmosphere with a minimal administrative burden. We meet regularly, speak to each other informally and communicate openly.

Development and training

  • We agree on developmental and educational needs individually because we want you to undergo training or courses that are designed to help you. This means language courses, soft skills and professional courses according to your focus and the certifications related to them.

Salary and benefits

  • We regularly conduct our own salary surveys in order to provide you with competitive compensation. We have also prepared a system of benefits that includes extra holidays, sick days, meal vouchers, a cafeteria, paid coupons for public transport, a contribution to pension insurance and also a Multisport card.


Meal vouchers worth up to 85,- Kč
3 sick days
Multisport card
5 weeks holiday
Coupon MHD


Pension ensurance

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