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Life at Sii

During the selection procedure, you’ll start to get a sense of our company culture, how we communicate with each other and our emphasis on individuality and mutual respect.

During the first weeks at Sii, you will begin working on your first project. Before that we will, of course, provide the necessary equipment and access rights, and if appropriate we will also provide supplementary knowledge to make the start of the project easier for you. Your Sii manager will be in contact with you in the event of a complication arising and will make sure that everything is going smoothly and according to the agreement.

After the first month, we will take you out for lunch to create a calm environment in which you can give us your impressions and reflect on the selection procedure and the overall collaboration with Sii. After all, a conversation flows more smoothly when accompanied by a good meal.

After the first three months, we will meet together with you and your project manager in order to plan the next part of the project and appraise the collaboration so far. Before the meeting, we will make preparations together so as to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

During your work at Sii, we will repeat these meetings on a regular basis and we may also meet during informal events so that you have the opportunity to meet your colleagues on other projects, too – we organise a Christmas party, as well as sporting and thematic events.

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